Sunday, July 17, 2011

op shop - must have!

Out on my rounds a couple of weeks ago I came across an op shop, and sometimes you see something that well, you just can't go past! Yep, it was a 'must have' a fireplace that de-assembles into six parts. Like, totally awesome!!!!

Then I took a couple of photo's from a book that looked interesting - bit of inspiration with this one,

I liked how this image captures the essence of a windy day!


  1. What a great fireplace! What are your plans with it?

  2. Super find Kim... no doubt it will be reincarnated.

  3. I've had a play Cynthia, still not to sure, interesting things have evolved none concrete as yet - time will tell no doubt.
    Yes Jann a real gem!!! Kx
    Hi Jo, no doubt for sure, exciting potiential...

  4. I've really been battling to leave comments on a few blogs, especially yours but the London bus comment went through so here goes....

    You would laugh if you could see me squinting at the screen, counting the parts and wondering what i would do with them ..... and what you would do with them. Please keep us informed!


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