Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medieval Fest - part two & Trophy presentation

To set the scene and paint a the early hours of Sunday morning, a frosty light mist still remains...tis quiet and still. The aroma of burnt out fires that warmed the night. Slight sounds of movement from costume bells and chains and voices as folk awaken....

beautiful encampments....

Castles and flags. Lady Rosalie presenting trophies for strength of skill, archery, joust, oil wrestling and more...

Being cheered and acknowledged for their skill -handcrafted Medieval Mugs were awarded. It was an honour for me being commissioned to provide the trophies for the award presentation.

Lord Horn Master and his prize Medieval Mug for best in Archery...


  1. K- good to see you today band to hear that you had a good outcome from the tournament - so much work and preparation. Go well. B

  2. wow!! that is so cool ... to have made the trophies :) hope you had a nice time!

  3. Did you say oil wrestling? Those medieval mugs look great....lucky winners, aye!

  4. I MUST go next year! Looks soooo authentic, particularly the prizes. Hope it was a raging success otherwise too.

  5. Looks and sounds like a massive weekend Kim - I can understand why the hired help might have needed a nap! Amazing stuff...

  6. Hi B - t'was nice catching up with you and F too. and thanks!
    Hi Luthien, thanks. it was a great weekend, always so much fun.
    Hi Cynthia, Yes, MALE OIL WRESTLING!!! :-)
    Hi Jo, it is very authentic and is a prerequisite to participate. It is definitely worth going.
    Hi Fiona, massive it is - yes, your right the nap was well earnt!


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