Tuesday, July 26, 2011

trailer dismantle

One of our trailers had come to the end of its life, to the point were the base was starting to rust out. And, ofcourse I'd had my eye on it for some time now day dreaming of what I could make from it...sculpture fodder, for sure!!

The floor cut into four panels and cleared of excess flakey rust crustacean. These three panels are similar in size and scream triptych to me! Providing the one on the right holds up, its extremely fragile.

The dismantle begins...first off comes the easiest - the back panel.

Then off with the wheel guards, side panels and put to one side.

Yipee, my collection is growing :-D

ooowe, some interesting bits here... love those springs and triangle pieces!

Off comes the floor to make into those yummy panels seen in the first photo

hmm even the shell looks interesting, minus the wheels ofcourse!

The whole process was so inspiring I just had to make a sculpture with the springs and triangle bits - that'll be my next post and I will have an image of the fireplace (op shop must have from below) in the six parts...


  1. I'm drooling! The triptych idea really appeals to me. Lots of great pieces. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Amazing. THAT's how you find your materials!

  3. It's amazing what inspires you Kim. Your stash is growing daily.

  4. Yummmmeeeee xoixoxoxoox

  5. oh my ... OH my!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!! i know Barry's gonna say the same!

  6. K- good on you - such a great swag of material - I can imagine many pieces will emerge from this pile. I think rusted trailers are very very unappreciated. Looking forward to the creation. B

  7. Yes drool material Robyn! May take me some time to decide what to do with it all...
    Hi Jann, one of my sources. I see soooo much potential in anything rusty.
    My stash if I'm not careful will take over the whole acre, Jo!
    Yummmeeee... for sure!
    :-D Luthien...
    B - rusted trailers are a work of art! Not to mention the stories they could tell. I think I'm going to have to live with the parts for a while to digest it all....


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