Friday, July 29, 2011

trailer & fireplace parts = sculpture

Following on from my previous post - the trailer dismantle and op shop fireplace. Here's a photo of the fireplace dismantled, for you to see how it broke down into six parts...

Fresh material is always inspiring.... In this sculpture I've used one piece from the fireplace - the front grill; pictured top middle, and the springs and triangles from the trailer and a random car (?) part that tied it altogether.

Welding the triangle bits onto a car part of some sort, a closer image below... and in the negative space I have inserted a clay stoneware bone to stand which fit into the hole on the shaft.

Welded and cleaned up by removing all sharp edges etc... the finished piece 'Dance of Creation' stands approx 1.2mtr high...


  1. I'm picturing this piece in a garden setting. The name is perfect too.

  2. WOW! Superb piece Kim, and I love that you incorporated a little 'clay' that ties it to your 'other' life as a potter.

  3. Kim this is a really elegant piece, simple, serene, quietly majestic. Amazing what an old trailer can do!

  4. K - I agreevwith F this is a very soft elegant flowing piecevyou have created from such hard and eroded utilitarian bits. And it looks good at Clovelly. B

  5. Hi Robyn. funny you should say that - it has been installed into a garden for an outdoor sculpture exhibit!
    Thanks Jo and Fiona,it is amazing what an old trailer can do - new material is always inspiring.
    B - thanks, all the works displayed at Clovelly look great - and I'm looking forward in bringing home my new addition from your works :)


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