Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Radiant Love

When I make an assemblage I tend to 'live' with it for a day or so, allowing thoughts to come and go, with not being to attached to the dialogue. At first I had thought 'wheel of life' for the title but it came from my left side brain, it sounded ok but still seemed to feel incomplete.
Not being particularly bothered by it, I continued on my merry way assembling... and once the piece came together with the bones in place, looking over at it while making lunch - Radiant Love came to me. It seemed so fitting as the piece has an air of radiance about it.
Almost finished just a few minor touches... I love the fact that the wheel can be turned with the handle, I wish we had sound on blogs because it makes the best sound whilst turning...

A closer shot...

And a side view, showing the spacer and handle...

I just had to share this photo with you, check out those welds!!!

I reckon I'm getting the hang of welding now...


  1. Ooo . . love this. I love circles, wheels, sprockets, gears . . what is the size?

  2. Hello Skizo, thank you for kind comments and visiting my blog.

    Jan, the outer disk is 50cm and the centre wheel is 32cm wide, the overall depth is 20cm this includes the handle. Thank you and also for visiting.

  3. I love that it moves! Very cool...all the bits work together beautifully and from what i can see the welds are VERY good! Well done - great to master a new technique like you have.

  4. wow Kim!! that looks totally fascinating and i think i can hear in my mind's eye how it sounds!

  5. Thanks Fiona and Luthien.
    F - it is fun to be able to interact with the piece, I like also...
    L - yes, sounding hauntingly'olicious!!


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