Monday, March 14, 2011

finding my place...

"Journey, Places, Marks & Traces" exhibition opening night for fellow artists Fiona Dempster and Barry Smith.

I am a true admirer of both Barry and Fiona's artworks and when they come together as one exhibit it is a treat to not only the eyes but to the senses as well. It was a really hard decision to choose which piece to add to my growing art collection! Among the many... one particular piece of artwork 'was calling on me' by it's quiet presence, beauty and rusty exterior. Then seeing it's title and the first words that appear on the first page "finding my place" Oh, How so appropriate for me right now, a must have!!!

Finding my place" (close-up), Noela Mills taking the happy snaps.
Helen, Fiona Dempster, Mark Fowles-Prince and Tanya.

Barry Smith discusses his works with Studio 4 Gallery Director Jennifer Stiller.


  1. A great night was had by all. Lucky you to own such a beautiful piece... and how difficult it was to choose.

  2. Hi Jo, a fab night indeed. It was extremely difficult to choose and even harder to narrow it down to one!!!


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