Sunday, March 20, 2011


You may or may not be familiar with my piece 'House of the Holy : Enlightened Ones' it was the face for my recent exhibition Deconstruction : Reconstruction and is pictured on the link for my website on the top right side here on my blog.

My inner thoughts and feelings that lie behind in the makings of this piece run pretty deep, and when I try to explain these emotions I find it very hard for me to articulate. Perhaps because I see them as a feeling rather than an explaination. Infact this applies to all my assemblages. I think that is why the titles are so important as they carry the message that has been transfered as I assemble them. It is certainly challenging to say the least, as I am always asked what lies behind the piece. It's a bit like trying to answer what lies behind the meaning of life!

And now other works have come about with the same emotion behind the construction and House of the Holy is becoming a body of work...

" Trinity"
"Temple Within"

"Fragility of Life"


  1. I love the way you do symmetry . . beautiful.

  2. Fragility of Life ... wonderful!

  3. The top work "Trinity" has obvious christian connections, but the compass is closer to masonic symbols - like in Blake's "Ancient of Days".
    The grill they stand on reminds me of a grate from a fire or furnace - the Jewish tabernacle, or Daniels mates in the fiery furnace. Also the ends that rise (where the compass rests) suggests the ark of the covenant. The slab at the bottom suggests earth.
    The other two works are harder to read, but also suggest a Christian perspective - Temple Within (New Covenant) - Fragility of Life (Knock and it will be opened to you).
    I quite like your work, and probably have read my own perspective into your work in many ways - but that's art.
    The title - "Deconstruction Reconstruction" also suggests the collapse of one view and then the redemption of the mind - again Christian leanings.

  4. Thanks Jann, Luthien and Robyn.
    Hello David - thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I like your interpretation, you have read into them well. Your perspective may have come into it - yes, that is art. However, you are close to the mark they do have Christian leanings....


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