Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bone & bullets

This a relevatively small piece and came through while assembling another piece, which seems to be my patterning of late. The shell of three bullets still within their casing and one missing... the clay bone slot in perfectly, and as I inserted it the title came to me.

"Falling Soldiers"
H 13cm x W 17cm x D 5cm

A detail, I liked this shot (Pardon the pun!)


  1. Kim, You are on a roll~!

  2. K- a very powerful little piece - great when such significant inspiration comes almost unintended. B

  3. You ARE on a roll. This one is inspired.

  4. An intriguing knife block from the side - but loads of interest up close - powerful story telling.

  5. Cynthia & Jo, yes let's hope it keeps rolling on...
    B & F - I even felt the depth of emotion, when the name presented itself! F - wow, I see the knife block now too.


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