Friday, March 18, 2011

my bookshops!

In the last couple of weeks I decided to induldge in a little retail therapy at my two favourite bookshops - Badger's Books and Books of Buderim.
Books of Buderim as in the name is located in Buderim top end of town across from the Tavern, it is a fantastic little bookshop that caters for all flavours and stocks some of the most beautiful books. It's not hard to spend an hour or two or to resist the urge and take one home! After all I was in there for some retail therapy, right? My intent was to go buy a book I had seen a month ago, my indulgence a totally delicious and extremely inspirational book titled WOOD by Andy Goldsworthy

Badger's Books on the otherhand is a secondhand bookstore that never fails to cater to my needs. Generally when I'm on the hunt for a book I always seem to find it there! My internal radar was going off this day - telling me "Badger's - Badger's, go into Badger's" "Okedokey then" so off I troddled down to Badger's Books. Thinking of my flavour atm - welding steel, assemblaging etc... I headed straight to the Art & Sculpture shelves. And would you believe it the first book I see and on the front cover is a picture of a welded rusted steel assemblage!

An Australian artist Ian McKay, not familiar with Ian and his sculptures I just had to buy it. Of course on the agenda - google and learn more about Ian McKay and his philosophy behind his works.


  1. the books look so very interesting! i am also most partial to books ... when i go into a bookstore,i can never leave!

  2. You can never have too many art books Kim. Great for inspiration and just plain enjoyment.


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