Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the making...

This piece has progressively been coming along over the last couple of weeks and yesterday was making day - Far out, I hope the neighbours are still all good... 'cus it was getting preety roudy with all the banging and machinery humming away!

The bones in the image below are made in stoneware clay fired to 1300* in a reduced atmosphere. These bones are going to be set into and around the outside of a steel wheel to protrude outward. The wheel is still on it's shaft and will retain movement, I have set aside an old wooden handle and bolt to weld to the wheel facing outward (verticle) for the action of spinning around.

The steel wheel welded into place, the backing disk seen is a plow disk and set with a spacer in between the two. You can see closely on the wheel the holes drilled for the bones to be set into.

Being a wall piece I had to consider methods for hanging as well as for strength, being steel it has some weight to it. A lucky find amongst my bits was a round rim perfect size and depth. Clamped down ready for welding, two holes were drilled first for the hanging.

The final touches were done today with the handle welded on and the bones set in place, all is looking good....


  1. You must have a great collection of 'bits' Kim. This will be a most impressive piece.

  2. K- very cool piece - look forward to the finished product. Also saw on LT's last post that you are a lucky giveaway winner - lucky you. B

  3. Jo, yes a grand store of rusty bits its hard to resist, I am happy with its progress.

    B - I am very happy with this one and the title is so fitting as well, I will post soon. Re-LT post YAY! I must go and see...

  4. You are such a clever, multi talented little vegemite - love how it all comes together with your intuitive creative energy xoxoxo

  5. woah!! that piece looks fierce! i am looking forward to see it finished ... it will be super cool!

    re Noela: "multi talented little vegemite" ... LOL!! totally agree!!

  6. Thanks Noela, you know, I think I'm coming to the realization that I am more of a sculptor than a ceramic artist!

    Hi Luthien, yes looking somewhat fierce indeed, however now almost finished its tending to radiate a gentler, softer side...


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