Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spirit Dance

Another piece that was birthed upon distraction! 'Spirit Dance' is it's name, and came creating a whirlwind and translike state within me, as my hands assembled with a sense of total fun, frivolous in nature and with multiple swift movements. Perhaps it's the nature I am adopting with my new found cyber behaviour, of back and forth, one site to another. Who really knows, but do I really care? No! I love mind was off in the ether!

"Spirit Dance"

Hardwood, Rusted; screws, barbed wire and mesh

"Spirit Dance" - Detail


  1. An inspired title for the work too! Don't know how you managed to craft such interesting characters with such charm.... and I'd sever a finger making them for sure!

  2. wow Kim!! just wow! spirit dance is ingenious, intriguing and beautiful!

  3. Love those rusty bits Kim... keep'em coming.

  4. I love how tough rusted material can give such a great sense of lightness and joy - delightful! F

  5. K - vet quirky - love the delicacy of it - well titled. B

  6. ...and what a wonderful journey this little distraction has taken you on xoxox

  7. wonderfull piece, you dream up some interesting amazing work!

  8. Hi Matt, Thank you. I have to be honest I did have a little helping hand in the crafting - the weathering age of time.

    Thanks Luthien! It is so exciting when the energy flows and a piece is given as a gift.

    Thanks Jo, I so love the rusty ones too!

    Hi Fiona, it is wonderful how two extremes can come together, so poetically.

    B - it was gentle hands working with this one and a gift title given by that inner voice.

    Yes Noela, the kinda distraction you welcome and a lovely little journey indeed.

    Thanks Mieke, I hope I never ever stop dreaming


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