Thursday, February 17, 2011

ABC Recycling World

The other day I stumbled upon this recycling yard, in the most unlikely place but extremely accessable when on my deliveries. It's suituated on the Bribie Road on the left hand side right next to the service station. And ofcourse I just had to do a U-turn when I realised what I had just past....
Age old house stumps, nicely weathered - probably over 100 years old!

Bins full of copper (I know who will like the look of this - B)

Lengths of timber...

These are my finds - small sheets of lead so soft I can bend with my fingers (with gloves of course!), three groovy stump caps, rusty saw blades, bit of weathered mesh strips, bits & bobs...
Most inspiring, I've already got a few things on the go.


  1. K- excellent find - lots of great stuff to play with - pity it is not on my delivery route - oh well. Create well with your bits - love the orange and green squares. B

  2. Wow!!! LOVE recycled stuff. Will certainly check it out when next in the area.


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