Monday, February 7, 2011

Kiln opening

This weekend I had two kilns going on the same day, my large gas and tiny electric. Firing in the large kiln my unearthed ceramics and the electric kiln a small commission and Lotus wares.
Large gas kiln - fired to 1200* unearthed ceramics
I was on excitement overload upon opening both kilns to see that it was a 100% strike rate. A kiln opening for me, can present itself like a smorgasbord full of emotion, waiting in anticipation to see if all is ok.

Top shelf - Four large Pitchers - wheel coil thrown, wheel thrown parts & spouts, assembled and handcarved. Each Pitcher can take up to 4-5 hours just to handcarve depending on design.

Bottom shelf - an assortment wheel thrown and turned, handcarved bowls.
Each bowl pictured can take up to three hours just to handcarve depending on the design.
If you would like to view the finished works visit my website


  1. wow Kim!! these are just GORGEOUS!! what a wonderful combination ... the pale stonelike outer with that mouthwatering turquoise inside!!
    luthien :)

  2. K- whew!! always a sigh of relief when it works out as planned, The full kilns look great. B

  3. Hi Kim Lovely to meet u at the Bunya Dreaming. I had such a great day. And Rhody talked about it all the next week. Hope to see u again oneday. Candyxx

  4. Luthien - thank you, I am happy you like the glaze combination, and yes the turquoise is very luscious indeed!

    B - yes that's for sure, always happy days with a win.

    Hi Candice, and was great to met you too, glad Rhody enjoyed his day. I'm sure we will cross paths again soon.


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