Saturday, February 26, 2011

featured artworks

Those that are familar with my blogging will know that I am somewhat behind the eight ball with this post, but nevertheless I really felt it necessary for the simple reason to acknowledge and thank them for all their support with my work.
The last couple of weeks or so, my assemblages have featured in other blogs sites amongst other very talented artists and it is by chance that I have seen or been contacted via friends to notify me of them. (I do get so caught up in my creative process that I am unable to find headspace to keep up with it all!)

Firstly, the above image 'Untitled' featured on fellow Sculptor Barry Smith's blog Rustnstuff for featuring on Tumblr

Secondly, 'All Things Lead to One' and 'House of the Holy : Enlightened Ones' features on Paperponderings friend and owner Fiona Dempster.

Then to my delight 'Safe House' features (with many other very talented artists, I might add) on Art Propelled post 'TOWER, TOWERS, TOWERING'


  1. such beautiful pieces aren't they? *sigh* all of them exude a sense of calmness and dignity.

  2. Hi Kim, there is such spiritual depth in your work. It just keeps getting better.

  3. Thanks Luthien... ps Happy Birthday! :-D

    Yes Jo spiritual depths are the foundations to all my assemblages, without this they could not exist... I am happy they convey this energy

  4. hehehe :) thanks Kim :)
    maybe someday i can make art like you :)

  5. K-the connectedness through the blogs and Tumblr often offer an added boost of energy. Create well. B

  6. Wonderful, beautiful work on this page. Just saw it. And I saw it on Tumblr previously and reblogged it to my tumblr page. Small world!

  7. Hi Jann, It is a small world, I just left a comment on your blog. Thank you for reblogging...


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