Sunday, September 11, 2011

a visual feast!

Well I am so overly excited this morning - I've been waiting in anticipation to get my hands on my parcel that's been sitting on the kitchen table all week!!! Because today is my birthday and a couple of months ago I commissioned Robyn Gordon from the blogsite Artpropelled to make my birthday present. Robyn is an amazing woodcarver who lives in South Africa. On her blog she showcases artists from all over the world, I drool at the feast of imagery with every post. I am so thrilled to be the proud owner of a Robyn Gordon and ofcourse I just had to blog about it. It has found a prominent place in my place and here it is...

And some close-ups for you...

Then when looking around my house I realised I've got a great little art collection growing...

left; Linda Green and front Carol Forster

from left; Janet & Noela Mills

Johanna De Maine & Barry Tate

from left; Two birds Susan Dean, back Victoria Arthur, front Fiona Dempster

Rowley Drysdale

Ute Dietrich

Ken Munsie and Pam Maedgefrau

Glen's Raku pots

and then there's some of mine...


  1. You are so lucky.
    Beautiful artwork. The tall figure reminds me of Giacometti's Walking men.

  2. Kim...You do have a fabulous art collection, and what a cool piece by Robyn to add to your collection! Lucky you!

  3. When I clicked on my blog this morning there was a familiar carving in my sidebar. A lovely Sunday morning surprise! Great to see your growing collection of art too. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday Kim!

  4. Happy birthday, gorgeous.
    Great to see such a lovely collection of art work - thanks for sharing, N. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. WOW!! just WOW!!! your collection is some of the most amazing collections i've seen!! happy birthday Kim ... and man ... that artwork by Robyn is nothing short of jawdropping!! what a worthwhile wait :)

  6. Hi Marilena, a bonus of being an artist you met other talented artists and the desire to collect is just to irresitible. Oh, Giacometti's Walking men are just awesome how I'd like to have one of them in my collection!
    Hi Cynthia, I am so over the moon and very lucky indeed!
    Thanks Robyn, it certainly made my day and was worth the wait to open it on my bday.
    Hi N, thanks for the birthday wishes xox :-)
    Hi Luthien, you know I didn't realised how much art I had collected, its been fun and I can see is going to be a tad addictive from now on... and yes, Robyn's is outstanding.

  7. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu...etc. Great colection Kim, and your new piece is just gorgeous. Love all the rusty bits and the little goddess there. See ya Thurs?

  8. Happy Birthday, Kim! What a fantastic present to yourself! Beautiful!

  9. teehee thanks Jo :-D yep, see ya thurs!

    Happy Birthday to you too Jann, thank you and I hope you had a fab day!


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