Saturday, September 24, 2011

my video on Pat Flynn

YAY! My ABC Open Artist by Artist video on my artist partner Pat flynn has been officially launched on the ABC Open website.

Here's my creative take on Pat's story, once again tho' I cannot take full credit for this fab video, because if it wasn't for Pat and Natalija's help and patience it wouldn't have come together as good as it did! I gotta say I once I got into the swing of making the props there was no looking back. Please ENJOY...

A bit of trivia, to quote direct from the ABC Open website on the Artist by Artist project...

"To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Queensland Arts Council, ABC Open and QAC brought together a group of Queensland based artists to produce a series of videos about their lives and their work.

Artist by Artist invited artists to work collaboratively to tell each other's stories. Over several months, these distinctly different artists worked together to produce video stories which captured the creative forces that drove their fellow artists.

The results are beautifully told short pieces to inspire us all and to celebrate the creativity of southern Queensland"

We were asked to be a guest blogger for the ABC Open blog and describe our journey in the Artist by Artist project, you can read mine by clicking here


  1. Very clever, Kim! You are a talented woman! I enjoyed the humour and the way you presented Pat's story.

  2. K- well done - very quirky way to tell the story - really made it come alive. Congrats. B

  3. Hi Kim, I enjoyed this a lot; a novel way to tell his story - and still much more to unfold! It looks like syou had fun along the way as well as learning heaps.

  4. What a fantastic way to relate his story.
    Your creativity in action again.

  5. What the way you did this! Very creative with all those clever 'bits' you made.

  6. Thanks Robyn, B, Fiona, Marilena and Jo, once we got into filming with the props it was hard not to bring in the humour, I think the hardest thing for me was to hold back on the humour actually. It'll make a great marketing vid for Pat's target audience, I believe.

  7. Hi Kim!!
    The movie is great! Well done. Was great to see all the props in person a few months ago and then in action on screen with the finished products.
    Nice one.
    Nicola (Cairns connection - Lidwina's daughter)

  8. Hi Nic, Thanks, that was a fun day you visited, I remember I was in full swing with the making and had not long finished making them. (ps thanks for visiting!)


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