Thursday, September 29, 2011

Domestic Duties - what a find!

A couple of weeks ago I had an early garage sale run for some fun, on the hunt for some domesticated memorabillia for my Domestic Duties Project.

And what a hunt it was, with this fantastic find!!! Check this out, a MARRICK QUICK DRY, a vintage portable clothesline. I guess it was designed for convenience with its nifty fold away system.

Oh so compact and oh so perfect! Just the thing for my Exhibition next month at the IMAGINE THAT! Creative Showcase event hosted by Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance.


  1. What a find!!! I look forward to seeing it in its next life.

  2. Hi Jo, I'm not sure if I will alter this one, I'm thinking I may use it as a prop for displaying.

  3. K - good find. I have a few saucepan lid knobs that could add to the collection. Drop them off on Monday. B

  4. B - Thanks! I'm sure they'll be of use, I have some brassy things for you too. Will do swap on Monday. K


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