Friday, September 9, 2011

great shots!

My artwork 'making' time at the moment has been a little limited - a few things are on the go, this little piece is in a series of three. One already sold even before I finished it or had a chance to blog about it. They're titled The Dancer I, II & III - Their Dancer's of life, a happy dance, to dance of joy and happiness. A rare find really, the steel in the shape of a person exactly found as you see it, with the additon of the base and spur of course. Then I added perspex with three words etched 'Beauty', 'Harmony' and 'Rythym', each Dancer their having own narrative.

'The Dancer I'

And I've been busy spending time working on the marketing side of things, one inparticular photography. As a bonus of being involved in the ABC Open Artist by Artist I met Natalija Brunovs, Nat was our Producer 'was' being said that she is not longer working with ABC Open. However, to my delight I discovered Natalija is a photographer and booked her in for a session as soon as she was available. Here's a shot of her portable photographic studio in my studio!

It was such a wet drizzly day, fortunately all the work I needed photographing was in the studio and close at hand. Just fantasitc photographs, it's amazing the difference it makes with quality images. Here are a few...

'Totally Screwed'

'Hung Out to Dry'


All the images in this post were taken by Natalija Brunovs (thanks Nat!)


  1. Beautiful photographs of your work Kim! I love "The Dancer", and "Orbit" is just totally out of this world!

  2. It's great to splash out and have professional photos taken. Your work is looking good! I love Orbit!

  3. There's no doubt that professional photography is superior. Your work looks absolutely brilliant! (as it should, because it is). Love the dancer, but it looks like a skipper in my imagination.

  4. I love the dynamic lines of your sculptures.
    The Dancer and the Totally screwed are my favorites.

  5. Hi C, R, J & M, Professional quality images do make all the difference it captures the work as you see it, so vital to showcase your works. A luxury yes indeed Robyn one I wish I could afford for all my works!

  6. Came over from Robyn's blog.

    All three of these speak to me; the first esp, feminine and yet that rusty masculine thing going on with the title.


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog Mansuetude, the process I undertake when assemblaging (uncontrolled thought) brings about the titles in most cases, this one was a most curious one indeed.


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