Sunday, June 5, 2011

splash of golden hue

T'is a sight to behold! Yellow daisy like flowers, I'm not of sure its name... it's such a stunning display to irrestible not to take some happy snaps. As it seems I'm not the only one, I must have been past this spectacular view dozens of times recently and each time someone is taking a picture of it. I'm not supprised.

A side shot - the start of the colour, along side of the road and

...still splashes of yellow, a bit further up.

More yellow, part of the hill

and centre of the hill, to each side of this picture is a mass of bright golden yellow.

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  1. I love heading up to Maleny at this time of year for this very reason. You have all sorts of lovely roadside colour... beautiful grasses AND flowers... AND autumn foliage on trees we don't see too much on the coast.


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