Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artist by Artist - update

This week has been like totally......full-on! And all about filming - Firstly, it was Pat in front of the camera at Voices on the Coast held at the University. Pat Flynn was one of a few select guest author's to speak to over one hundred or more lively bunch of school kids in each session. It was like a massive bookfest, how lucky to be given such a fab opportunity, I don't recall having anything of this nature when I was at school!

Some of Pat Flynn's books to purchase for signing.

A young trouper waiting in line to get his book signed...with me right behind waiting in line for my autograph :-)

Pat getting RSI from signing.

Then it was my turn infront of the camera, and what a freeeeeeeeeeezing cold day to be filming! I reckon it had to have been the coldest day we've had yet. It was blankets all round and plenty of hot cups of tea.

Pictured from left Christine Elcoate (on sound recorder), Natalija (producer) and Pat Flynn

Taking some shots - trying to get some tea out of my teapot, it just wasn't happening!

In action with the welding...
If you would like to see more behind the scene shots for Artist by Artist, click here > flickr

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  1. K-what troupers you were - it was freezing by our standards and you just looked frozen. Great welding action shot. B


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