Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Connection + giveaway

Expanding on and exploring my options with the theme of Connection and my rusted people...

2D or 3D? Lately I am seeing the assemblages two dimensionally rather than three dimensional, which is totally out of the norm. While playing with placement in many different ways have been great in theory and visually, practically in a two dimensional approach for assembling - not so good. It is two totally different techniques in the making.

I'm loving the designs they have created along the way though. Firstly in the shape of a heart, then the idea of them hanging from a bike chain (which I had intended as the pulse of a heartbeat) seen in my previous post.

Then a couple more placements seen below... this one really appealed to my senses symbolically and was do'able but I felt it didn't translate the message of my morale' behind the work enough.

And besides I had three left over, these guys were left out on a limb - after all the notion was and is to connect it all together as one! Here the outter frame once taken away gives another interesting look, although this one is not possible without a support frame, because without it would be much too fragile to hold up.

I have been playing with the notion of the newspaper people cutout's that I did at primary school, so I did a test sample and lined up my rusty folk in the same manner. This option gives me a strong sense of connection, the all important movement within the legs and the freedom to make it into a 2D piece with loads of strength.

PS... see the little guy on his own, the singular man in the middle between the newspaper cutout and the connected peoples? Well, he was the first test piece I made to see if my idea was going to work and seeing the theme is all about Connection I'd like to make a connection with my blogging folk out there and I've decided to give him away! Just make a comment, I'll put your name into a hat and I'll do the draw on sunday afternoon. :-)


  1. Yes please put my name in the draw! Your "cutouts" are very appealing, Kim. The framed circle of figures is very effective too.

  2. oooo!!! i would love one of them little guys!! :) the piece actually turned out quite pretty ... from a far, it looks like a mandala even ... and then when you realize that it's little people all connected together, makes it even the more meaningful.

  3. You and I must have ESP Kim. I've been playing with the 'cutout' idea for collages. Love those little fellas. I also like the idea of the mandala + three and am sure you could find a way to connect it securely. It makes me think of the way people form groups that are so connected that 'outsiders' can't get in.

  4. Hi Kim, I Love the idea of 'connection'. I am also focusing on 'connection' at the moment keeping loved ones friends and family close to my heart and focusing on what is important in my life... Noela x

  5. Hi Robyn, consider it done! I like the framed piece as well, I'd be nice if I have enough bodies & legs to make this one as well.
    Hi Luthien, it does look like a mandala, thanks for mentioning it, and gives me a feeling of more depth to it.
    Like attracts like Jo, takes me back to our chance meeting at the networking night...we were meant to connect!
    You said it Noela, those close to the heart and that 'connection' is what it is all about - for sure!!!

  6. Kimmie ... your little rusty man reminds me when I used to play stick people with my two older sisters way way way back when I was a tot ( probably explains a lot huh ??? ) - and we would dress up sticks and nails and anything else we could lay our hands on - including a pet blue tongued lizard - and parade them around ... one sister used to always do a chorusline with her people - just like your chorusline of rusty old men ... you're sooooo clever ...


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