Monday, May 30, 2011

Matchbox show exhibits

An exhibition of ceramic artworks in a matchbox, titled "Up in Smoke" a fitting title don't you think? Michael Ciavarella is the brain child behind this groovy concept. The project began last year at the Clay Energy conference in NSW, Michael's goal is to reach 5000 boxes and will take "Up in Smoke" to Finland's International Ceramics Conference in 2014. My humble little offering is among the many, the number of entries is growing with each day..

"Up in Smoke" is now exhibiting at Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin - continues to June 5th.


  1. Hi Kim... saw this exhibition last week. It's fascinating how many participants and how varied the work. Great fun!!!

  2. Hi Jo, it is fascinating and each piece is so very different. A fun project!

  3. K-this is just such an amazingly creative undertaking to build something so grad out of such intricate fragments - it would be so good to be part of such a global endeavour. I remember your piece - loved it then and now. B

  4. How fun, and congrats on your entry Kim!


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