Saturday, June 25, 2011

work in progress

It seems like forever since I've got in to have a play! My 'life' behind the scenes have left little time to get in and make, let alone blog about it. Yes, their have been some nights of socialising, but I have been busy! With - filming, interviewing, throwing, glazing, firing, pricing, packaging, delivering, all in an aid to supply galleries, art centre's, set-up film shoots, and with only three weeks away is the Medieval Festival!

Amidst the juggling I am wanting to enter into a few competitions to get my assemblage works out there more, which takes me into a theme and exploration... This one is for a comp and the theme being 'Connection'. What I am seeing when I look deeper into my take on connecting - I see many people joined and/or linked together, as we are all one and the same, different but the same.

To explore this concept, if we were to look at a stranger and see them as yourself how would this make you feel toward them, would that give a greater sense of seeing that we are just the same as the next person, and would that then change our perspective on how we would be towards them?? I ask myself these many questions often, and the more I contemplate these questions the more it helps me become aware of being a better person - to offer assistance, be friendly, nice and smile, and reach out to someone that maybe having a bad day, after all at the end of the day, they are all just on the same journey as me aren't they? Just in a different way...

Then if I was to take this concept on a boarder sense with my deeper concerns for 'us' as a society, it would probably get too heavy.... to skim however, I feel and have learnt in my world to heal / help (my/our world) the healing process begins with our inner turbulance, to turn and face that which we avoid begins the release... One thing I have learnt, one needs to nurture oneself first inorder to be able to reach out and give others... and with that in mind takes me into my rusty pile.......

People emerging and then exploring placement with the symbolic nature of healing at the heart centre in the shape of a heart,

detail taking shape - one man made...

then introducing a chain, that which links us altogether, as we are all one and the same... all connected some way or another... that 'light' within us - the spirit that gives us life is the same as the next persons it all comes from the same source. It's in us, the tree's, your pet, everything!!!

and then literal movement within the legs, could suggest a sublte movement in one's perspective, perhaps?


  1. Thanks heaps Wendy! HEY - I sooooooo love your freaking comment :-D

  2. powerful! how impersonal and uncompassionate the human race has become with all that is expected us of us in this dog eat dog society ... kids these days are more connected than we've ever been before thru technology, and the world has become so small. but the question is ... are they REALLY connected? do we feel any more? i think it is great how this topic has made one think ... you are right, if we were more connected (in spirit) with the person next to us, it would surely make us a better person.

  3. Great to be a party to your thought processes Kim. One can get a little befuddled sometimes, contemplating the nature of interpersonal relationships. However, you seem to have it worked out in metal very well.

  4. I like these people, the arrangements and the materials - all work together really well and seem to me, to respond really well to the theme. Good luck as it continues to evolve...

  5. Thanks for your very heartfelt response Luthien, yes, that is a very valid question "are they really connected?" One would like to think so.
    Hi Jo, hopefully through working it out in metal will help me with my process...
    Thanks Fiona.


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