Tuesday, May 24, 2011

porcelain with mixed media

It's been some time since I have posted any news about my ceramics on my blog and my reason being I have decided to use facebook as my primary platform for it (if you are wanting to see what's going on in the studio, all you need do is, scroll down, click on the fb link on this home page).

These days my ceramics practice is divided between my new found love of welding assemblages, and as it seems the 'clay & found objects' are starting to somewhat meld toward each other, as seen in the first couple of images... I'm straying alittle from my familiar coarse clay body to explore the pure white fine delicate body of southern ice porcelain - it's such a beautiful clay to work with and when fired to stoneware, feels like the skin of a new born - it's the ala carte of all porcelain (in my books anyhows!). I'm really enjoying breaking away from the norm, to have a play, and see what will evolve...

"Punctured I"

southern ice porcelain, clear gloss glaze inside, three rusted horse shoe nails

Detail - inside view

I can see some of my love of symbolism, coming through in the fall of the nails in this piece

"Flourish 1 & 2"

Detail - inside view

The next two assemblages - Clown & Maxine are reminiscesnt of fond childhood memoirs...

"White Clown"

southern ice porcelain, sterling silver diamante bracelets, anklets & parts, colapsible

Close-up view of diamante bracelet - a bit of bling!


southern ice porcelain, colapsible, sterling silver diamante collar and accessories.


  1. I love those two vessels and the last two pieces make me smile and want to press underneath Maxine to make her move! Loving the silver bling too!

  2. Thanks Fiona, I had so much fun making the last two - glad they made you smile and I just had to add some bling...

  3. Great contrast between the clay body and the rusty bits Kim. Saw your lovely work at Carringtons, Noosa last week. OMG how do you carry those things!!!?


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