Saturday, May 21, 2011

My ABC Open Artist by Artist - Artist Pat Flynn

I'd like to introduce PAT FLYNN my partner for the ABC Open - Artist by Artist project... It's like where do I start! In this post you will notice some extra links - it'll take you into the world of Pat.

Pat is an accomplished writer, (ex-professional Tennis player and teacher), modest and humble man and it is such an honour to be producing this documentry on him and under the professional guidance of ABC Open Producer Natalija Brunovs.

Pat writes realistic fiction with a dose of humour for young adults. among his long list of books and accolades, the most recent credit to his name is shortlisted for the 2011 REAL Awards (Reading & Enjoying Australian Literature) for his novel the "Tuckshop Kid"

Pat Flynn

Recently, Pat has taken up playing tennis all in the aid of research for his current work in progress - Ace a 28-year old tennis player who makes a comeback to the pro tour. Pat is competing in the Open Tournaments, he has started a blog tennisandwriting
on his comeback and journey...

Natalija filming Pat busting some moves on his skateboard.

Pat started writing at 30 (yrs) his first four novels Alex Jackson series - were based on a talented young skateboarder - Pat learnt to skate all in the name of research!

On the receiving end of the microphone, Pat gets a behind the scene's shot of Natalija and me in his interview.


  1. What an amazing experience and opportunity Kim. Pat is clearly very dedicated to knowing what he writes about. Continue to enjoy!

  2. Hi Fiona, truely an amazing experience, I am really greatful for this opportunity! Yes, Pat is very dedicated and a talented writer.


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