Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Sights

For me this assemblage has a resolution feel to it - not insomuch as to interpret an ending per se more of an understanding, coming to an awareness or an accomplishment of... until the next chapter, anyhows.

My recent mood and emotion has most definitely being a direct influrence on what has been coming through within my assemblages and upon looking back on the process an evident religious spiritual theme has appeared - such as the sculptures 'House of the Holy : Enlightenend Ones, Trinity, and Temple Within...'

The majority of my process in the assembling is preety much an automatic pilot and chance happenings - once I've attained an allowing, a freeing from all and any conscious control and thought, can the create energy be drawn upon. Then later observations, once I've given time to breathe between each process, am I able to formulate the technical side of things; the drilling, welding etc... into the construction of the piece. You know tho' - the best observations I have had with my works are actually the comments made by the viewer. Yes! I love, encourage and welcome these comments - for they help me in the way of looking at and seeing the piece - which I may not have be aware of...they are gold moments and at times become a pivotal turning point, in the direction in my life - and I am thankful for all those comments!

"House of the Holy :

Four Sights"

H 27cm x W 12cm x D 10cm


  1. Kim this is beautiful! I love the balance of it-very calm and serene.

  2. Interesting how one's creative mind just takes over. You are certainly on a spiritual journey Kim, and I'm loving the results.

  3. Thank you kindly, Jane.
    Hi Jo, thanks also - a spiritual path seems to be my direction atm.


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