Thursday, January 21, 2010

500 Pitchers

Hot off the Press! I am extremely delighted to announce a work from my graduate exhibition (bottom image) features in the recent edition of '500 Pitchers'.  Published by Larks Books, over 4000 entries were received worldwide, with only six images in the 500 selected from Australia.

500 Pitchers, Larks Books USA, 2006; p.347

 Pitcher, 2002, wheel-thrown and hand-built, formulated mixed clay, mid-fired and dry glaze - Graduate Exhibition, CSIT.


  1. Congratulations, Kim - a great achivement!! I LOVE these books.

  2. Thanks Noela, I was over the moon when I found out

  3. Kim that is great. Was not sure from your post if you were actually in the book - could not make the photo bigger to check your name. Barry

  4. Oh yes, it was unclear a tad... and have added now, that I am one of the six.


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