Thursday, January 21, 2010

facebook - Kim Schoenberger ceramic artist

Recently I created a facebook fan page under 'Kim Schoenberger Ceramic Artist' to showcase selected works and achievements of my "Unearthed" series of ceramics. The response has been overwhelming and has reassured me that I am on my right path.
The images below are from an American publication Larks Books '500' series. Over 4000 enteries worldwide , 500 images selected, 6 within Australia, I was one of the six.

500 Pitchers - Larks Books

page 347


  1. Congratulations, Kim - a great achivement!! I LOVE these books.

  2. Thanks Noela, I was over the moon when I found out

  3. Kim that is great. Was not sure from your post if you were actually in the book - could not make the photo bigger to check your name. Barry

  4. Oh yes, it was unclear a tad... and have added now, that I am one of the six.


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