Saturday, January 2, 2010

Couple of days off with inspiration and rusty finds!

I decided to have a couple of days off from the studio, seeing it is the festive season and most sane people are on holidays!!!! And headed down to Brisvagas to see APT6 (Asia Pacific Triennel Exhibition) at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). I couldn't pass the opportunity to seek out one of my favourite Australian Sculptor's 'Robert Klippel' (1920-2001) while we were there.

No. 247 Metal Construction 1965-68

Welded and brazed steel, found objects, wood

Totally inspired and in awe of the works from our visit....
Today we decided to head out on a 'rust hunt' to
find some more treasures to top up my stock pile
....and what a find!

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  1. K - Whilst the sculpture looks impressive I think the rust stockpile is even more impressive. Go for it. B


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