Sunday, August 14, 2011

weed week

Maleny Image 9: Introduced COMA's next exhibition is to coincide with Weed Week - observed throughout the Shire and promoted through the Maleny Library. Our challenge to make an artwork via researching introduced species and how they have affected - or infected - our local enviroment...

My entry: "Farmer's friend!" the ole Cobblers' Pegs Bidens pilosa and ofcourse using my found objects approach...

My spin on it, is not so much on the negitave effects it has on our enviroment but how to perhaps consider its usefulness.

Bits and pieces gathered together to work with, see the old wire brush bottom right?

Perfect burrs for my Cobblers' peg!!!!!

...and what better way to use of my old typewriter from High School to translate Cobblers' Pegs story. It was a bit hard though without the backspace key!!

The finished piece, I've added a little touch of me into the piece - its a bit like Where's Wally and you really have to look closely to see it.

2D wall assemblage; silky-oak board, found objects, wall paper, cardboard, paper, oils, mounted onto canvas


  1. lovely piece Kim, there's so much in there, and yes I keep you some pegs.

  2. Hi Mieke, thanks! Oh wonderful for thinking of me with your pegs. K

  3. A bit late with the comment Kim as I was away when you posted this. Love the piece, and those cobblers pegs look just as spiky as the real ones.

  4. As you know I really love this piece!!!

  5. Thanks Helen, and I hope you will continue to...


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