Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creative Spaces - open studios

Featured in the Sunshine Coast Weekender for Creative Spaces - open studios

It is so wonderful to see that the word has spread long and wide, the results have been amazing, with visitors making their way through over 30 artist studios. One lady that told me, she and her friend had visited 16 studios in one day!


  1. K- well done on the article. I don't think I could manage 16 in a day. I did find that visitors liked to talk about where they had been and intended to go - it was like a networking conversation. B

  2. Saw the article, you star you. 16 studios?!!!! Creative overload I reckon. Glad you had a lot of interest, and some sales too I'll bet.

  3. B - yer 16 in a day is adventurous! Many visitors were commenting it being a fabulous idea - I'd have to agree!
    Thanks Jo - I was very fortunate to have been given that opportunity for the article. 16 studuio visits would have put me in creative overload...


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