Tuesday, August 30, 2011

domestic duties update

The response to my Domestic Duties Project has been overwhelming!!! It has only been a few weeks since I officially launched the project and literally hundreds of ONE words are rolling in. The idea of creating additional booklets placed with some friends has added to the growing list as well, I even have a booklet in Cairns (Thanks Nic, and Tania). 

So far - the 'feeling' dominating the chores around the home are - yes you guessed it!!!! Mostly negative consisting of; uninspired, necessity, consuming, chore etc... although there are the occasional positive word like; refreshed, cleansing and rewarding.  Even though the subject seems to be focused on washing and pegs, it is open to other domesticated tasks ie; mowing the lawn - so men can join in too!

Along with my search for words and for a Hills Hoist clothes line - collecting other washing memorobilia has developed as in my last post with a call for old pegs. For most part, each ONE word(s) will be written onto a wooden peg - so the other unusual or plastic pegs or memorobilia I collect along the way will transform into artworks.

A bucket of discarded pegs soon became a Peg Mandala, still in progress - it will have a wooden ring behind to hold them in place and possible spokes for the centre part.


  1. Thought of another, after mopping the kitchen floor .... Arduous

  2. I'm VERY drawn to the circle. What an inventive way to use those!

  3. This makes the thinking of chores much more fun. Goodonya!!!

  4. I'll add that to the list thanks Robyn, the ole' mopping sure is arduous, that's for sure!
    Hi Jann, there is something about the circle, I seem to be drawn to it as well.
    Gotta make light of the ole' dreary duties Jo, I'm so over the consistency of it all! Hey that's another word 'consistent' :-D

  5. K- my word would be - 'necessary'. B

  6. My word associated with housework would be procrastination, which I polish and practise to perfection - unless visitors are coming when another p word, panic, sets in!

  7. Hello Marg, I like your analogy procrastination, polish and practise to perfection.thanks for your word(s).


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