Saturday, August 27, 2011

Open studio - and the neighbours to the rescue!

Today was a wet drizzly day but it didn't deter the many visitors to my studio for Arts Connect Inc's Creative Spaces - open studios. Amongst them a bus load of 20 + . We all gathered around under the house (out of the rain) checking out my working space of kilns, the welding gear, sculptures, and my rusty stock pile of bits and bobs...

...when the bus driver comes rushing down to elerted us that the bus had got bogged in the wet grass!!

After doing the ring around, our closest neighbour Gaye and longstanding resident of the area, rang another neighbour... minutes later we heard the sound of a Tractor in the distance and coming up the track. Thankfully Peter (our other neighbour) came to the rescue to save the day and hauled the bus out of the wet grass and back onto the gravel track again. Phew! That was close, these grounds are sure slippery in this weather - check out the heavy mist we had going.

Back on track, the bus is safe and sound and awaits its passenger's to be taken to the next port of call.

ps... a HUGE big thank you to Peter, and a little birdy told me it was his birthday today -Happy Birthday Pete!


  1. What an exciting day KIm!... and wasn't the weather awful. I planned to go studio hopping, but the fog on the mountain was like pea soup. Got aas far as Danni Oliver's and decided that was it. Dangerous driving.

  2. That's quite a gathering.... Imagine if they had needed to sleep over. Thank goodness for helpful neighbours!

  3. What an adventurous day, Kim. I saw quite a few of the studios - wonderful and full of social as well as artistic interraction.
    Noela xoxoxo

  4. It was an exciting day Jo and the fog was incredibly thick, probably was the safest thing to stay at home.
    Hi Robyn, golly I'd be car pooling folk to the local Bed & Breakfast. I am very fortunate to have good neighbours.
    Hi Noela, adventurous and busy - a grand idea the open studios!

  5. K- amazing what we all went through over those two weekends - but the public enjoyed it - we had people coming through our place who had visited you. They always enjoyed the fact that as artists we support each other and even swap bits.Hope you are recovering. B

  6. B - totally amazing and was a great experience. All the folk I encountered who took the studio tour said it was nice to see support amongst the fellow artists. Great vibe!!


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