Tuesday, November 30, 2010

works in progress

Clamping, welding, banging and hammering, on overtime late into the evening, creativity on overload. But I've just gotta go with it while its flowing.
Another assembled piece I have just finished, and ready for my exhibition 'Deconstruction : Reconstruction'
Above a detailed photograph; ceramic tower fired to 1200* and (carved out) negative space, a golden look I was seeking light shinning through celophane paper. I seem to have a fetish for celophane paper...and have used it within some of my assemblages.
Clamped to help, this piece took abit of brain power to nut out the best way of welding it together. Below; finished piece, this side has a door knob the other has a padlock and two keys tied either end of a length of aged string (as I found it).

"Safe House"


  1. K-Looking good. I am amazed by the safe house tower - it seemed so much liked recycled stairs treads - very tricky and skilled, B

  2. It's a beautiful piece Kim and I'm really looking forward to seeing the show! Best wishes in the run up to it...

  3. Thanks B & Fiona, your well wishes are warmly appreciated. :)

  4. Hi Kim....I read about you on Barry's blog and just had to check out your site to see more! I love your work and wish I could see your show...but being here on the other side of the planet...I will have to just be there in spirit...all the best and hope you post pictures of the show!

  5. Hello Monica, thank you for visiting my blog. I will certainly post some photo's of my exhibition for you to see. I'm almost up to 100 posts so perhaps I need to have a give away as a celebration of both. Regards, Kim

  6. Beautiful and exciting construction! Keep that Muse well fed and working!

  7. Thanks Lynda. I will keep on nurturing...

    Robyn - thank you, it is one of my favourites also and I so love the reflecting golden hue when the sun shines through the piece.


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