Monday, November 1, 2010

New works for exhibition

I'm currently working on some new assemblages for an Exhibition at Studio 4 Gallery - Dec. 13th - Jan 25th, 2010.
My welding has being going great guns since my first lesson with my 'slowdownstopthinking' piece (still in the making and experiencing some exciting developments!).
The image below is a piece that I have been working on over the last several months, as mentioned in my previous posts the nature of my assemblages are a direct result of 'emotion' - rather than logic and controlled thought. I am the instrument as to which it is concieved, and governed by a process that has no sense of time. A true gift into the understanding of patience!

I'm over the moon that this particular piece has presented itself ready and representing as the image for the exhibition.

'House of the Holy : Enlightened Ones'
Medium - Steel and Stoneware Clay
H 320mm x W 340mm x D 70mm
And some whimsical miniature totemic assemblages...

a close up...

Miniature Totemic cubes

Medium - Hardwood, steel, found objects & Stoneware Clay
Various heights - H 120mm to H240mm


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