Friday, November 12, 2010

Matchbox Show

Today I sent my entry into the Matchbox Show - a collection of small ceramic pieces encased within matchboxes.

The first Matchbox Show was at the 'Clay Energy Conference' in Gulgong earlier this year and it's long-term goal is to gather a collection of 5000 matchbox artworks to be exhibited at the International Ceramics Conference in Finland in 2014.

It's such a cool concept I decided to put something together...

I've used a scruffy old match box (to adorable to throw away) I acquired amongst my rusty finds, complete with three 'dead' matches.

The ceramic content consists of daggy old looking nails, screws and a washer - made in porcelain fired to 1300* reduction

Titled - 'Box of Tricks'


  1. K - What an amazing challenge. Fiona and I saw the display of the works from Gulgong when they were on show in Eumumdi. 5000 will be incredible. Love your attention to detail - creating your rusty bent bits from clay - so realistic. B

  2. I wonder if they get the 5000 together, a wel filled box from you makes it 1 more so far. It looks great!

  3. Kim this little piece looks amazing - I can hardly imagine how fabulous 5000 would look! They were so beautifully presented at Eumundi my heart just filled. Gorgeous.

  4. Hi Barry, Mieke & Fiona, It is a wonderful concept, I love the idea and do hope that it reaches the 5000 mark. I'm yet to see them as a whole and am looking forward in doing so.


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