Sunday, November 11, 2012

steel structures around home

Lately, I've been able to beautify around the home a little with some steel sheeting 'discards' (and other random shapes of steel) thanks to my new mate Steve at Caloundra Waterjet Cutting.  The steel sheeting used and cut for jobs are skeletonised leaving behind the negative space from 'what' has been cut - each sheet can vary with random and sometimes repetitive shapes, which oozes sculptural fodder!!!  Not only do they look great, it has been an interesting experiement - I was able to get the one up around the water tank before the Open Studios program and as a result received some awesome feedback.  I can see this experiement has alot of potential!

A detail showing the different shapes welded to the steel sheet.

Two sheets were placed until I liked the results, then welded together from behind and bolted to hardwood planks - each sheet is around 6mm thick.
Then this sheet of steel (below) is a whopper, 12mm thick and super heavy! This was a recent collection, I really love the random nature of each cut, even though Steve is probably working at getting the most out of the steel.  This piece slot exactly into place and I felt didn't need anymore added to it (for now anyhows) and looks rad near the other sculptures.


  1. Wow- these are amazing Kim- I absolutely love them! wish I had a mate like Steve...

    1. Thanks Sharmon, its a two way 'win-win' suituation... my benefit saves Steve from taking them to the tip!

  2. Wow, those are fantastic! I think it's so great when artists use unconventional materials for their pieces. I know a lot of people don't really see steel as something beautiful more than something functional, but these works of art definitely prove that wrong! What a great way to reuse old steel as well! The “discards” are my favorite, they just look so awesome. Would painting them make them last a little longer? I do quite like the rust for effect though.


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