Saturday, November 17, 2012

Domestic Duties Chp.2 & Expressions Of Love - on tour

Upon reflection, this has been a big year and an exciting one for me with the development of my art career.  My focus this year has all been about 'honing in' on what and where I want to see myself and my art heading.   Bit by bit, chipping away and working hard - entering competitions, exhibiting, making art/installations, gallery proposals, upgrading my website etc., etc., while remaining focused and positive (even in the times of continual knock back and almost reaching the point of literally wanting to drop my bundle...!), I am now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and all my hardwork is starting to pay off with an array of successful outcomes coming to fruition and opportunities ahead of me.

One of my positive outcomes is that I was shortlisted and selected for Artslink Queensland 2013-14 Touring Exhibition Program.  A selection of my artworks from my most recent solo exhibition Domestic Duties Chp.2 and my Expressions Of Love will feature in a group exhibition (curated by Artslink Qld) entitled Teasing The Domestic alongside two other Queensland artists Corrie Wright and Kellie McEwan and the World Tea Cosy Competition, co-ordinated by Miles Regional Arts Council.

The layout image below showcases some of the artworks, which appears in the 2013-14 Catalogue.

A couple of images of the artworks selected from my Domestic Duties Chp.2 solo exhibition:
(more images and details can be seen on my website :-)

Constant Appetite Bottomless Pit

Group assemblage from left;
This Chook Is Totally Cooked, Dance To The Beat I + II, Betty Bloomers and Up The Duff.
...and from my Expressions Of Love solo exhibition:

Quilt - detail

Nancy's Challenge - detail

Doily - detail


  1. Happy to hear your hard work is paying off and of course it is well deserved. I'll definitely leave this post with a smile on my face. Up the duff .... what a divine shape! I love Dance to the Beat II as well.

    1. Thanks Robyn. I am happy to hear you got a smile from the title for Up the Duff - I had a lot of fun making them!

  2. K-good to see these bodies of work touring and being see by other audiences. Go well. B

    1. B - I am so glad they are set to tour especially the Expressions of Love artworks. K

  3. A HUGE congratulations Kim! You have worked very hard and you WILL be a star.

    1. Thanks Jo, I am now seeing commitment eventually pays off


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