Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrating Love & Unity

A gorgeous way to start to my day with a moment of quiet time and reflection before the day begins looking over at the lagoon in the distance in Russell Family Park, Montville.

Then special family and friends arrived to join me, several people drop by, while an unexpected creative treat awaited the kids that came with their mums to play in the park.

 Rosemarie's heart is as big as her strawberry.

To share a message with you and one which rings true for me now painted on my studio floor, reminds me of how important the simple things in life are....
 "Greet each new day with love in your heart for one and all" - Emily Jeavons
So many heartfelt and powerful messages.... creating the ripple effect with one common theme. 

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and to the facebook folk out there for sharing your messages with me.

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  1. It looks awesome Kim. Pink lily pads. I see my message made it, even if I couldn't. Well done.

    1. Thanks Jo. I'm glad your message was photgraphed. Unfortunately I was to pre-occupied to photograph the other messages from folk.

  2. K-a meaningful, beautiful and creative installation. B

    1. Thanks B, it was a wonderful experience AND thank you & art4place for providing the opportunity for us to do so. K


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