Monday, September 24, 2012

love & unity installation

As part of art4place 2012 Creative Spaces temporary placemaking art activities I will be hosting an interactive free family day installation based event, to kick off this Spring school holidays.  I'm inviting children and their parents to join me and write messages on bright pink heart shaped leaves that will be ceremoniously launched into the lagoon in Russell Park, Montville in celebration of love & unity.
The lagoon in Russell Family Park was a watering hole for members of the Gubbi Gubbi people as they made their way to Baroon Pocket for their annual gathering. At these gatherings stories were told, tools and ornaments exchanged, conflicts resolved and marriages arranged.  To me, these gatherings speak of love and unity, and by trailing hand-written messages of love and unity on a sea of bright pink painted heart shaped leaves, we celebrate how Russell Family Park is still a place for gathering and for families to spend time together.

Wanting to create a sea of giant lilly pads floating across the water, I sourced the largest bike tubes I could find and have inflated them as much as I could and lined the base with mesh.

Up to 13 inflatable tubes with zippy ties which worked a treat to secure the mesh in place!

Starting to write some messages on the leaves from folk to far away and want to participate.  Your most welcome to leave your message here on my blog if you want to join in.

Great exposure page 5 on our upcoming placemaking activities from the Hinterland Times.

My sea of hearts "Love & Unity" Installation will take place in Russell Family Park, Montville on Wednesday 26 September, 2012 from 11am to 2pm - one of six individual temporary placemaking community art projects taking place along the Hinterland through September and October, 2012.
Proudly sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council, community enterprise Hinterland Business Centre and businesses Coffey International and N-Carta Group  -  all art4place 2012 Creative Spaces placemaking art activities are free to the public and also complement Arts Connect Inc., Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios program that takes place each weekend from 15 Sept until 7 Oct, 2012 which I am also participating in.


  1. Yay! My message would be.... Bring our soldiers home!...Give peace a chance.

    1. Yay! Thanks Jo - I have written your message on a leaf. x

  2. What a beautiful project.
    You put the bike tubes in good use :)

  3. K- great planning and preparation - it will be a spectacular installation. I hope to get over to see you tomorrow. Go well. B

    1. Thanks B. I am really excited in 'seeing' them floating in the lagoon. may see you then. K

  4. The photos you have shown have been a terrific way to imagine being there for the installation itself.
    Your choice of pink, especially with the black tyre background really make an item of each lilypad.
    Would love to be able to look at life and earths different materials and compounds with your eyes.
    I like your realism about doing commisions too.


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