Thursday, April 21, 2011

The narrative continues

REST - It seems I am being sent another message - oh, if only I'd listen........ perhaps one day?
This is a relatively small piece I was thinking of the COMA exhibition - even though 'one' entry per person, so why am I still making more works for it? Who knows, I give up!!! I guess I'm just having fun with the concept.


Flattened corrigated iron, hardwood blocks & porcelain

H 7cm x W12cm x D 2.5cm


  1. ooh I like this one Kim and I like the message too! It looks like the muse is taking you along for a ride - so why not enjoy it?!? Continue creating but remember to rest and recover as well F

  2. You are on a creative high Kim. Make the most of it, rest will come.


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