Monday, July 1, 2013

week of medieval fun!

Its that time of year again when I dust off my medieval boot scooting boots and enjoy the medieval festivities!  A week long full of activities hosted by the Abbey Museum.  For me, kicking off tomorrow I'll be facilitating my medieval 'Coil Pots' Pottery Workshop with the little tackers at the Kids' Medieval Fun Day....  I'll be in tent number 8 having just as much fun as the kids!!!

...and then, on the weekend (6 Sat & 7 Sun, July) out come my wares for the 2013 Abbey Medieval Festival - the adults time for fun!  Abbeystowe comes alive full medieval glory and goes back in time to Medieval Europe from 600AD to 1600AD... 

Here's a photograph of me (before my days of owning a digital camera) and my stall when I used to be a one man band, dating back over 13 years ago!  Its amazing how all those years ago it took one vision, a humble little event and has now turned into a major tourist attraction which had over 30,000 people through the gates last year...


  1. That fair is such a buzz...I know you'll have a lot of fun, and make many sales you little medieval wench you!

  2. K- hope it goes well but all I can really say is better you than me. B


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