Saturday, February 25, 2012

Transform Exhibition

This week I had a couple of deliveries (ceramics) to do and on my round trip I took myself off to see a couple of exhibitions. This particular exhibtion entitled "Transform" was on show at the Gympie Regional Gallery. I am so glad I was in the area to see the works on display, very inspiring indeed!

I really loved this piece "Yuasa-X-Press" plastic on MDF by Pamela Kouwenhoven

And this one, "Pressing Dryland - Site 4" Discarded malthold on board by Pamela Kouwenhoven

So hard not to like all the works really, very close to my heart in the choice of materials being used. Above image forefront; "Shrouded Harbingers" Salmon skin, synthetic dolls & resin, back wall right "Rock Star" goat skull, copper, shells resin and, "Queen Spawn" Deer skull, shells, copper, resin by Simone Eisler.

A detail; life size cardboard sculpture "Supprise" by Terry Summers

"Chorus" Mad Conductor, Baritone, Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, etc...

A detail of Mad Conductor from "Chorus"

And from left; "Floral Tribute", "Solomon's Necklace", and "The Gift" polypropylene packaging and bone by Emma Davies.

"Master Class" digital pigment on old book pages by LM Noonan

Detail "Master Class"

And fantastic tea pots by Hew Chee Fong made from stone and found objects.


  1. It's a great exhibition Kim. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. You are a wiz with the camera.

  2. Thanks for sharing the work you saw Kim! I love seeing whats happening in art on the other side of the planet!

  3. I love the cardboard sculptures.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful artwork.

  4. Oh. my. word!! The first and last images have got my heart racing. LOVE Pamela Kouwenhoven's piece and as for those teapots.... they are just wonderful! Thanks so much for posting Kim.

  5. Another fab exhibition Kim - we are still trying to get to Berbagi! I think Gympie has a great gallery...

  6. Hi Jo, yes well worth seeing I'm glad I got there.

    Hi Cynthia, it is nice seeing the work of artists on the other side of the globe, we are so very fortunate today in land of IT.

    Hi Marilena, The cardboard sculptures are amazing, I actually met Terry one day at another gallery we were both dropping off new stocks and happen to cross paths.

    Funny you should say that Robyn, they are my favourites as well, and why so many photo's of the teapots :-)

    Hi Fioan, I hope you are able to make Berbagi, sounds like your very busy. I was just fortunate to be in the area and the time of exhibiting.


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