Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A small 2D piece that came together from discards - combining the two elements of clay and steel on canvas.

The small flat rectangle steel sheets were found in a fire pit at a salvage yard I'm not sure what they have come from, among the burnt ashes though were which looked like a melted computer casing or an electrical box, so they could have come from the internal parts.

The clay scrolls are created from scraping off the remnants of clay left on the wheel head after throwing a pot. Getting them at the right consistancy of dryness to get a perfect scroll and stamped.

Finishing it off by stitching it to the canvas with recycled copper wire and nailing it to the frame.



  1. Your creativity and ability to use a variety of materials in wonderful ways never ceases to amaze me!

  2. You seemed to be missing in action, but now I know what you've been up to. NIce work Kim!

  3. Thanks Stregata, Robyn, B, Cynthia, Jo and Jann :-)

    Jo - preparing for my solo exhibition in June is keeping me very busy, busy!!


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