Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The red carpet

We're being served a real treat for Christmas with a rich red carpeted driveway from our Delonix regia Poinciana trees. We're normally a custom to having a lavender driveway from the Jacaranda petals in October, but this is our first real show we've experienced since living here, there in full bloom at the moment and are putting on a magnificant display.

## meanwhile and some hours later....

Two extra images purely for Stregata to get an idea of what the tree looks like. Ofcourse these aren't my Poincana trees I borrowed them off the web (mine are too hard to photograph due to other trees obstructing my view) they show what the actual tree does look like when given full potiental to grow, and are mighty fine specimens indeed!


  1. This is just beautiful, Kim - doesn't look Christmassy at all, but quite autumnal. It must be a very special place where you live...

  2. A Very tropical Christmassy look - wonderful.

  3. Just gorgeous Kim - what a nice welcome home!

  4. Absolutely stunning! I can't even imagine what the trees look like - so different from the vegetation here...
    Wishing you wonderful days.

  5. Yes Sue, it is a special place and we feel very blessed to live here.

    "Wow" yep that's a good word for it, Jo.

    It feels very Christmassy Anna, I've become so acustomed to them flowering this time every year, makes it feel like Christmas...

    It is a lovely welcome home Fiona, stunningly gorgeous.

    Hi Stregata, specially for you... two extra images of what the tree looks like, enjoy!

    So very bqeautiful Mieke :-)


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