Wednesday, December 14, 2011

additions to the art collection

Friendships are one to treasure and adorn! One of the bonus' of my profession as an artist I am surrounded by other multi-talented artist's and then they become part of your world and your friends.

More beautiful artwork added to my collection...

"God Help Us All" by Wendy van der Drift

"Only Years Ago" by Evangeline Cachinero


  1. K- we are lucky to have a circle of talented friend artists who add to our inspirational and thought provoking collections as these two latest pieces of yours do. Go well. B

  2. Oh Kim... these are such treasures. We are sooooo lucky to be in this place that seems to nurture amazing creative people.

  3. Two very powerful and moving pieces Kim - and as you say we are blessed to be able to share the talents of so many; they add great joy and delight to our lives (as people and their pieces!). Go well.

  4. Beautiful work to be treasured. Enjoyed the story 'Expressions of Love' in Textile FF mag. I will stop collecting tea bags now as you have done such amazing, thoughtful art work with them.

  5. B & Jo - that we are!

    Hi Fiona, very powerful artworks I have placed them in prominent places so I can admire and enjoy them everyday.

    Hello Sue, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words on my story 'Expressions of Love' in the Textile FF mag. Since my exhibition I've met and am amazed at how many people make things with tea bags.


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