Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak peek

This post is carried on from my previous blog post and is in reference to the IMAGINE THAT! Creative Showcase Event, with a sneak peek of my Domestic Duties project display preparations.

ONE words are coming in from all directions, and I've started writing them onto the pegs.

It even got a mention on the front page of the local newspaper!

Preparations have been keeping me on the hop....


  1. K-well done - getting the project out there. B

  2. Good luck on Saturday I love the words on the wooden pegs.

  3. great project, Kim! your clothespin mandala is very cool. Good wishes for Saturday!

  4. Makes housework seem rather fun... at least the creativity it has inspired. Good luck with Saturday.

  5. Great project.
    Very creative giving glamour to wooden pegs :).

    Good luck on Saturday.

  6. B - I just love being able to connect with the public, time for some fun!

    Hi Fiona, I like the look of the wooden pegs too - I'm thinking of using just wooden...

    Hi Sharmon, thanks, I am looking forward to it.

    Thanks Jo, it has taken the humdrum out of my outlook on housework - I'm always thinking of other artworks I could potientially make now :-)

    Thanks Marilena.

  7. Hi Kim, great to meet you last night.

    Your blog and art are adorable;) I love wooden clothes pegs but they're hard to find these days. Remember those little clothes pegs dolls?

    I'd add the word Drudgery here. I wrote a post called Liberate Yourself From Drudgery ( explaining how I basically live in a mess to pursue my art.

    Great to see you following your creative urges too.

    Next time I'm up your way I'll come visit:)

    x Annabel

  8. Hi Annabel, great to met you too, I enjoyed your presentation.

    Yes I remember the clothes peg dolls well, I even have a couple.

    Thanks for your ONE word for my Domestic Duties project, I will add it to the ever growing list. I read your post Liberate Yourself From Drudgery I can relate to it well.

    The only way to go - pursuing those creative urges, I call it - the fire in my belly!

    Please do call in when your up my way next.

    Kim x


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