Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the winner is....

So many votes for number three "All Things Lead to One" odds were, it was going to be the one to go!
I got my partner Glen to do the honours a draw the name from my pink fluffy hat.

Congratulations... Fiona!

And a big thank you to everyone that participated.


  1. Oh wow! Kim I just squealed and did a little happy dance - how amazing! I never win anything let alone something as amazing, gorgeous and precious as this. I can't thank you enough; I am so thrilled, excited and privileged. Oh wow!

  2. Yay! Fiona...I would have loved to see your happy little dance! I'm so happy that you won it.

  3. K - lucky Fiona - it is a lovely creative piece that so many of the participants liked. Hope thwe exhibition set up goes really well. Looking forward to opening night. B


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