Monday, December 6, 2010

100 Post - give away

In the world of blog there's a pattern, a tradition if you like, of a 'give away' generally an artwork when reached a milestone of 100 posts. Well this is my number 100! Not for me to break tradition, rules perhaps, tradition definitely not! And the chance to be able to give someone something, for me, is an added bonus.

I live by three moto's;

1. 'Our judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances' - Wayne W. Dyer

2. 'The greater danger for most of us lies not in the setting our aim to high & falling short; but in setting our aim to low, & achieving our mark' - Michelangelo And,

3. 'The very act of kindness can unprision you' - unknown (I'm not sure if I made this one up or I read it somewhere)

Living very passionately by the last moto and on reflection of all three, I decided to give a choice from three very different mediums...

All you need do, in the comment box note your name and which numbered piece you would like eg; Kim - No. 3 (All things Lead to One) I'll be drawing the name and announcing the new owner, at the end of the week Sunday 12th Dec, 2010.

No.1. 'Grounded' - porcelain dish

No. 2 'Spiral dish'

No.3 'All Things Lead to One'


  1. Jennifer - No 3
    Congratulations on 100 posts - it represents consistency and passion and discipline. Keep it up

  2. Belinda - No 3. Congrats on your milestone - 100 posts in the world of blogging is a job well done. Keep up the fantastic work

  3. Kim ...
    congrats - does this mean that you are now a centenarian or a centurian or what ??? or just a pretty clever blogger ....
    keep going girl - you're on a roll ... upwards ...

  4. Helen - No 2
    Congratulations on 100 keep up the good work of blogging

  5. hey kim, go girl! no. 3 looks mighty fine.
    good luck

  6. Beatrice. No 1. Well done Kim and indeed a very nice tradition.

  7. Congratulations Kim - its lovely of you to share with others as you celebrate this milestone! Each of the pieces is beautiful.

    Fiona - No.3

  8. K- Well done to reach 100. By the way I like the first quote - often we make judgements and/or decision that close off opportunities. My choice of thje works of course would be 3. Go well. B

  9. Noela, no. 3. Good stuff with the blogging milestone, the ceramics, the discarded works, the vegie garden, the dragon and the always smiley face. LOL me xoxoxoxox

  10. What a treat to have a chance to own one of your beautiful works! Love them all but if I had to pick it would be:
    Cynthia, no. 3

    Congrats on your blogging milestone!

  11. Irene, No. 1. Congratulations, Kim.

  12. Hi ya Kim! Em, Brad and Charlie would love No. 3 to display around the house. Love your work!

  13. WOW, thanks everyone!! I am truely humbled.
    Kim x :-D

  14. John S, No. 3. Keep following your dreams. Tread lightly and may the shimmer of the moon dance upon your pathway.

  15. well done Kim, and a great way to celebrate.
    All 3 mighty good, no:3 is my choice. Keep blogging!

  16. Lindley No.3
    What an incredible inspiration you are to us all. It is indeed a testament to you passion and efforts. I would indeed be honoured to be the recipient of one of your collectors pieces.

  17. Hi Kim,

    Too late to enter the draw, I know, but I just wanted to offer congratulations!

    FYI: I would have chosen number 2, but all your work is wonderful.


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