Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beach dreaming...

What a gorgeous day and the opportunity of hitting the beach, via delivering my Beach themed miniature sculptures to Studio 4 Gallery - so fitting and too hard to refuse!
Literally only minutes from the gallery and short stroll on the boardwall, beyond all the shrubbery and sand dunes lies this beautiful sandy beach...
A true beachcomber from way back forms the inspiration for my miniatures titled 'Beach Dreaming'. Living close to the beach and from my beachcombing days my collection consists of many fragments of shells, fish bone, crabshell, corals etc...
'Beach Dreaming' - Stoneware clay and driftwood


  1. Hi Kim, we just missed you at Studio4 today; but we saw these precious little pieces. Delightful and very reminiscent of beachcombing wandering...

  2. Hi Fiona, oh sorry to have missed you, seems we walked a similar path today...

  3. Charming little sculptures! I followed the link to Studio 4 and LOVE the first 2 pieces. ...Transmission and To the point.

  4. Thanks Robyn, Transmission and To the Point are from my assemblage works (more images on my website) which come from the deepest depths of my psyche, I am still learning to understand their messages and only just introduced them to a wider audience.

    Your blog is an ispiration to visit, thanks for sharing!


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