Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yipee! Today I had my first lesson in welding. Life has been so frantic lately I haven't had the time to scratch myself. Thankfully my last major event was last weekend and the next one isn't until December. So time to play!
A bit like puss in boots with her gumboots on, such a glamour girl around home. But I must say, I was like a pig in mud and having some fun.
My lessons went really well (chuckle, chuckle from Glen!) the welds are a tad chunky but I kinda like what is happening and happy to go with it. I ran out of day and am eager to continue tomorrow.


  1. Yippie yiy ay! Wow Kim that looks fabulous! I'm sure you got a handle on it pretty quickly and just imagine all the places it can now take you. Enjoy!

  2. K - really cool - glad that you have finally got to it. Now of course you can tell me what sort of equipment I might need if I want to get into the welding thing. Look forward to seeing the finished product in your blog. B

  3. Hi F, thanks & yay... it does feel like that, that's for sure! Yes I am excited as to where it will take me next.

    Hi B, Its been a long time coming, when was it I mentioned the welding classes, last year?I've posted the finished product, its uniquely me!


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